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Pac N Send can provide full service for your international shipments. We can pick-up, pack, ship and/or set-up the necessary procedures to get your shipment to its final international destination.

What may be complicated for some, we make simple for you. For example, we understand wood packaging restrictions for export shipments, and the methods of securement for your product. We can set-up the proper agent at your final destination to handle security clearance issues for international shipments. In short, you can trust Pac N Send to have the expertise required to give you full confidence with every freight forwarding shipment.

Transportation Only

Pac N Send can quote transportation services only, however we prefer to also do the crating to ensure proper packaging and to reduce the risk of damage during transport. Please note we have volume-based National and International rates that give us very competitive prices with common carriers.

Pack & Crate Only

Pac N Send will evaluate your shipment for the most cost effective yet safe way to pack your goods. For example, since we have in house box making capabilities, we can make a strong box instead of an entire crate that reduces the size of the shipment and saves you money on both the packing costs and shipping costs.

If crating is required, Pac N Send can crate one item or many items. We can crate in our warehouse or at your place of business. We build custom containers that meet industry standards as well as the specific requirements of your products. We can even deliver custom-made empty crates to you.

Even if you have a regular carrier, we suggest you give us an opportunity to quote the shipping portion of your project. You may be pleasantly surprised at our combined crating and shipping service price.

10 Things to Consider When First Exporting

1) Customs. Customs authorities can be a very hard on you if you unwittingly break the rules and an understanding of the necessary regulations are important when shipping your product. The last thing you need is trouble from the Customs department because you were not aware of laws against shipping. Each country’s laws are unique and what you consider legal in your country may be illegal in other countries. You should also know once Customs seize an item you are unlikely to get it back.

2) Documentation. Full and proper documentation is required for all shipped items. Again, this varies from country to country and can turn into quite a headache if you do not produce the necessary paperwork in precisely the right format.

3) Additional Costs. Each country’s tax and duty fees vary therefore it is wise to research the cost of shipping before investing an outrageous amount of money on your stuffed toads. Some areas require additional fees besides taxes and duty. Be aware of the conditions of any quotations you receive don’t cover Customs clearance charges and duty at the other end.

4) Shipping Options. Shipping can be by way of air, ocean, and truck. Pac N Send evaluates each shipment to give the best options including air, truck, LTL (less than truckload), ocean, LCL (less than container load), UPS, FedEx, US Postal, DHL, Polonez, and more.

5) Duration. As with anything, the transit times for your items depends on the destination and modes of transport. Generally, the faster the shipping speed, the more expensive.

6) Packaging. Each delivery service has specific package requirements. Failing to adhere to them will send you back to the start and fees are non-refundable. It is up to you to gain knowledge of packaging procedures so you can avoid paying twice the fee’s on the same item.

7) Insurance. Insuring the item provides return of the value along with peace of mind. We don’t try to sell you insurance, we try to educate you on the realities of insurance so you do not waste your time or have full expectations in the rare event of a claim.

8) Tracking. Pac N Send can assist you in providing tracking information. Always obtain a tracking number for items you are shipping.

9) Shipping Rates. Make sure to use a shipper that has multiple ways to pack and multiple ways to ship so that you can know your different options depending on size of shipment, weight of shipment, contents, country, delivered to door-to-airport or door-to-door.

10) Reputable Company. When picking a company, make sure they have a reputation, experience and find out how many years they have been doing your kind of shipment.



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