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There are a lot of variables that go into deciding which carrier and method to use when shipping, including size, weight, number of pieces, content, destination, delivery time, service level and value of shipment. When you go to the Post Office, for example, they can tell you the US Mail options only. In fact, the postal employees normally just do what you tell them, they don’t suggest, for example, if you are sending a non commercial book that you can ship much cheaper with Media Mail. When you go to the UPS Store, for example, they can tell you about United Parcel Service options but they cannot quote you FedEx One Rate. But when you come to Pac N Send, an authorized yet independent shipper, we can compare all the options to advise you what is best.

Small Package Delivery – Small Parcel Carriers (USPS – UPS – FedEx – DHL)

The maximum size when shipping boxes on UPS of FedEx domestically is length plus girth L + (2xH) + (2xW) must not exceed 165 inches. The maximum weight is 150 pounds. The maximum length of any dimension cannot exceed 108 inches.

The maximum size you can ship on US Mail domestically is length plus girth L + (2xH) + (2xW) must not exceed 108 inches for most mail pieces and 130 inches for standard post. The maximum weight is 70 pounds. On International shipments, the maximum is 79 inches or 108 inches depending on the country. In general, on Standard Post

With UPS, FedEx and DHL, the billable weight of your package is based on actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. You can take the number of cubic inches (L x W x H) and divide this by 166 inches if shipping domestically to determine the dimensional weight. If this figure is greater than the actual weight, the shipment will go by dimensional weight. If shipping internationally, divide the cubic inches by 139.

When shipping an envelope on UPS, FedEx or DHL, if the envelope is under 8 oz, the rate is less. It does not have to do with how much can fit into the package.

On UPS and FedEx, if length plus girth L + (2xH) + (2xW) exceeds 130 inches, you will be charged large package surcharge.

On UPS and FedEx, if length plus girth L + (2xH) + (2xW) exceeds 108 inches, you will be charged large package surcharge.

UPS and FedEx charge delivery area surcharges to more remote areas both domestically and internationally.


Freight Shipments

Freight shipments are for shipments over 150 lbs or over the UPS and FedEx size maximums. Freight can be shipped by truck, airplane, train or ocean vessel.

Freight shipments sometimes only go by weight or by density (similar to dimensional weight) depending on the classification code of the items you are shipping. There are 1000’s of classifications.

Fuel Surcharges are adjusted weekly or monthly on most carriers.


LTL – Less Than Truckload

If you are shipping a small amount of freight in the United States, Canada or Mexico, shipping by truck is one of the most economical methods. Anything less than an entire truckload is considered LTL, or less-than-truckload. Anything that is too big for FEDEX, UPS, USPS can go on motor freight. Example would be a piece of furniture, a bunch of boxes, items that can be put on pallets, several rooms of household goods, a grandfather clock, an estate, etc. Pac N Send is authorized to ship on many truck lines. Pac N Send will find a truck that is heading your direction that has space available to get you the lowest freight rates. Trucking is usually quite quick as trucks travel around the clock.

Some of our trucking lines include: R and L Carriers, Averitt Express, AAA Cooper, Estes Express, SAIA, Southeastern Freight Lines, Old Dominion, FEDEX Freight, UPS Freight, Daylight Transportation, Express Global Systems, YRC Freight, Wilson Trucking, Con-Way Freight, etc.


Air Freight

If you need your freight to arrive quickly, especially if you are shipping outside of North America, Air Freight can be a good solution.

Pac N Send has very low rates internationally even on items that are quite large. Ship to a business name and address to get the lowest rates internationally and choose from our different levels of international service:

Door to Airport Without Broker – recipient picks up shipment at airport and either self clears through customs or uses their own broker

Door to Airport With Broker – recipient picks up shipment at airport and broker fees are already prepaid by sender

Door to Door – recipient receives shipment to their door and all broker fees are prepaid by sender

*Be aware that even if broker fees are prepaid, additional fees and taxes can be due by recipient on international shipments.

You cannot use Air Freight for the following items:

  • Explosives.
  • Anything susceptible to damage or that can become harmful because of changes in temperature or atmospheric pressures unless protected against the effects of such changes.
  • Magnetic material that has a field strength sufficient to cause a compass deviation at a distance of 7 feet or more from any point on the outer packaging.
  • Flammable materials (gases, liquids, and solids).
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Materials excluded from air shipment by DOT regulations (49 CFR 100-185) or of the applicable state (country) or air carrier operator variations.


Ocean Freight

Shipping a large volume of goods overseas and want the most affordable rate, ocean cargo can be the least expensive option. Ocean freight is not good if you are in a hurry, as ship transport can take weeks, not days. Cargo shipping can have a lot of fees regardless of the size of shipment, however, so normally you need a couple of pallets of goods to make ocean shipping more affordable than air freight with a few exceptions (see below Economy Ocean and Barrel Shipping). Call for quotes. If you are shipping a lot of goods or an entire household or vehicles, an entire container can be more affordable than LCL – less than container load.

Standard containers come in 3 sizes:

20-foot 40-foot 40-foot-high

Economy Ocean Shipping

If you are shipping to Europe, Polonez will ship even small boxes and parcel by ocean to Europe at very affordable prices. Polonez picks up packages from all over the United States and combines them on a ship leaving Massachusetts and then distributes them throughout Europe including: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, France, Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Greek- mainland (not islands), the Netherlands and Sweden

Economy Barrel Shipping to Caribbean, South America and Central America

Pac N Send has very low rates on shipping barrels and smaller items to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Shipping TV’s, appliances, food, donations, etc. to the Caribbean is very inexpensive. Currently, we ship to Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Dominica, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St Barth, St Croix, St Kitts, St Lucia, St. Maarten, St Thomas, St Vincent, Suriname, Tortola, and Trinidad.


Our Trucks

Because of our volume of shipments to the Northeast, we use our own truck to go up I95 up the Eastern Seaboard all the way to Connecticut. The driver will make drop-offs and pick-ups to most areas along the I95 corridor. We offer shipping to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We have shipping to Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Durham, Richmond, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, etc.

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