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Furniture Shipping

Here is why Pac N Send is great at shipping furniture. Furniture is usually too big to go on FEDEX or UPS but the minimum orders on moving companies and commercial shippers makes it cost prohibitive to ship furniture. What Pac N Send does is finds a truck going the direction of your shipment with some extra space. This allows us to give you the lowest rates and usually the fastest service. We ship so much furniture that we have our own truck go monthly up the Eastern Seaboard all the way to New York and Connecticut which can stop anywhere near Interstate I95. Because we make our own shipping containers, often we can minimize the size of your shipment saving you money.


Antique Shipping

Pac N Send has been specializing in Antique Shipping for over three decades. Antiques can be quite fragile and valuable, and almost always irreplaceable. We highly recommend you allow our experience, expertise, and access to a variety of packing materials and containers to get your antiques to their final destination just like they left. We treat every shipment as if it is our own.

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Most shipping companies will not insure antiques and collectibles, making it even more important that you use a shipper that can pack your heirloom items to prevent any unforeseen damage.

Because our packing and shipping rates are some of the lowest in the industry, and we have so many shipping options, many antique stores and thrift stores use us for their out of town customers. Also, we try to optimize each shipment for safety and to save money. For example, sometimes we can remove the legs making the shipment less fragile and smaller in size, saving you money. For example, perhaps it is advantageous to ship in two separate smaller boxes than one single larger box.

If your antiques have high values and insured, we strongly recommend an appraisal done prior to shipping them, unless you have recently purchased the items and still have the receipt.


Auto Transport Shipping

Pac N Send offers Automobile Shipping in the United States and Worldwide. You can bring your car to us or we can have your car picked up from anywhere. We use reliable safe transporters for your car, motorcycle or truck at low rates. Call us for an over the phone quote.

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Artwork Shipping

We can ship any size and any value paintings, artwork, framed pictures, posters, etc. Because we make our own custom packing in-house, this allows us the exact matching size for your artwork saving your money and giving you better protection. We can offer you insurance when shipping artwork in most situations. We carry a large selection of artwork boxes in-stock.


Perishable Shipping – Dry Ice Shipping

Whether your shipping a your homemade dessert, or fish you caught on your fishing charter, or a medical sample, we have insulated boxes and can do dry ice shipments.

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Electronics & Computers Shipping

Computers, laptops, tablets, servers, cellphones – we can ship them.

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Large Screen TV Shipping

Most shippers will not ship TV’s due to the tricky requirements. And if they do ship TV’s, their prices are usually too high. Pac N Send can send your large screen TV at a cost effective price, just give us a call.

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Statue Shipping

Marble Statues, Bronze Statues, Ceramic Statues, you name the type of statue and we’ll ship it anywhere.


Household Goods Shipping

Pac N Send works with over 20 trucking companies to find a truck that is going near your direction that still has space available for your household goods. This allows us to get your personal goods there faster, cheaper and without any minimums.


Luggage Shipping

Don’t want to drag your luggage through the airport, or don’t want to pay those ridiculous airline surcharges, ship your luggage with us.


Piano Shipping

We move pianos including upright pianos, baby grand pianos, grand pianos and electronic pianos.


Instrument Shipping

Whether a delicate scientific instrument or a musical instrument, we can package and ship anything. We ship guitars, electronic keyboards, amplifiers, etc.


Collectible Shipping


Fine China

We can pick-up on-site your china, or you can bring it in.

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Jewelry Shipping

We will ship your jewelry in the safest way available.


Estate Shipping

We can inventory your estate, pick-up items, ship to multiple locations, and we can work around your schedule.


Senior Moving

Are you or your parent relocating to a new location and downsizing, we can come to your location and have all your belongings delivered or shipped to the appropriate locations. We work with many facilities throughout Pinellas County and Tampa Bay so we can even get access if you are not here. We can respond a very quick notice, so if you are in town for a short time, we can accommodate our schedule to match yours.


High Value Shipping

Whether antiques, collectibles, artwork, sculptures, paintings, we specialize in high value items including fragile items.


Grand Father Clocks

Many companies will not ship these, or if they do, they charge you an arm and a leg. Not only to we find the most efficient and safest way to ship such fragile items, we like doing it. We know every clock we ship has a history and a story that cannot be replaced.


EBay Shipping

Selling on EBay, we know that usually there is very little to budget for shipping. We do our best to keep your costs as low as possible yet still get your product there safely. In fact, many EBay Sellers tell us that by the time they buy all the packing supplies, they would have saved money and time just letting Pac N Send handle the shipment. Even if you use your own postage or shipping accounts, you can still bring in your items for packing only.


Golf Club Shipping

Since we carry over 50 box sizes in stock, we have a variety of boxes that can fit your golf clubs making shipping easy and affordable.


High Value Shipping

We ship original pieces of art, museum collection, fragile pieces or art, collectibles, jewelry, safe deposit box contents and more. We have a variety of ways to transport your high value items to insure safe delivery along with a variety of shipping insurance options.


Household Goods and Relocations

Relocating anywhere in the United States or Worldwide, we can ship all sizes and quantities of household goods including automobiles and other large items.


Shipping Bicycles

If you are shipping your bike or putting your bike on the airlines, we can custom make a box that fits your bike perfectly which saves you a lot of money. Shipping rates for bicycles are based on dimensions, not weight, so the better fitting the bike, the less expensive to ship. And the airlines have size limitations, so again a better fitting box is better. All our custom bicycle boxes are made of double walled 275 lb. test cardboard. And the best part is, since we make boxes in house, we can give you a stronger and better fitting custom box for about the price that others charge for a premade flimsy one size only box.


Shipping a bed – Shipping a Mattress

Ask a moving company to ship a bed and it will usually be cheaper to buy a new bed and you’ll wait weeks or months. Ask Pac N Send to ship your bed, and we’ll find a truck that has space available that is already heading your way or put it on one of our trucks meaning lower shipping costs and faster shipping speed.


Firearms – We ship rifles. We cannot ship handguns. We do not ship ammunition.


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